• “I have had the pleasure of working with Kristen Gorrasi for several years.  She is the kind of instructor who makes me want to work harder.  She is full of motivation, without an ounce of intimidation.  Her positive encouragement throughout her workouts pushed me to go the extra mile.  I always feel she wants every person in her class to perform at their best potential and caters her workouts to accommodate every ability.  She challenges those who are more experienced and provides detailed instruction to those who are new to her classes.  Her knowledge of training and exercise is exceptional and she is very precise when explaining and demonstrating new exercises. In addition to my personal experience with Kristen, my son has also been fortunate enough to attend Kristen’s Integrated Athletics class, which caters to young athletes.  He has grown as an athlete through improved strength and endurance, and although he did the work, the instruction and motivation he received from Kristen provided the tools for his success and improvement.” ~ Michelle Mahoney 
  • “On behalf of Kristen, I want to tell you why she is the best trainer you have. My goal is the get fit. I have tried many ways to achieve my goal through diet, exercise, and meditation. After all that, my key to success was Kristen. Bottom line, Kristen makes me believe in myself. Without her positive attitude, I would not be where I am today. On the road to achieving my goals, Kristen has provided me the motivation to wake up at 5 am to go to boot camp. She pushes, she drives, and she compels me to do better. Kristen is my compass.” ~ Maureen Condon 
  • “I write this to let everyone know that Kristen Gorrasi is the absolute best trainer I have ever worked with. She is always so happy to see me, always happy herself, always praising what I do, always correcting my mistakes, always enticing me to do my best. On top of her training abilities, she is the absolute nicest sweetest person on the planet!!! I love her!!!! “
    ~ Nicole Landry 
  • “I am 15 years old and over the previous summer, I had attended boot camp at Compass Athletics with my friends to prepare for high school soccer tryouts. I can guarantee that I wouldn’t have stuck with it if it wasn’t for Kristen. She taught me hard work and I thank her for that.”
    Caroline Condon
  • “We just can’t thank you enough for being such a positive and enthusiastic trainer to our entire family.  Both Jacquelyn and Nicholas have participated in numerous classes by you (i.e. turf time, child to champion, stem strength and conditioning) and not only have received a great workout but have had a blast doing so. Don and I have enjoyed our challenging boot camp early mornings with you over the past few years.  You push us to our maximum potential at 5:15 am, make us sweat and hurt but do so with a giant smile on your face.  Your positive attitude, easy going demeanor and care regarding each person’s training is amazing.  Your weekly boot camps, positive energy, and care regarding my training runs with my friend helped me to meet a goal of mine I never thought I would accomplish……completing my first half marathon last June on Heartbreak Hill.You have helped Don get in shape to ride the Pan Mass Pan Challenge over the past few years, helped us maintain a fitness level where we are able to participate in local races, a couple of mud ruckus events as well as just training to be healthy.Our entire family respects and values our time spent with you at Compass Athletics!  We look forward to many more challenging sessions with you.  We love you!”
     ~ Eileen and Don, Jacquelyn and Nicholas Beaulieu