How often should I change my central air conditioner filter?
Once a month while in use.

What’s a tune up? How often do I need one?
Tune ups are essential to preventative maintenance. A tune up ensures that your heating system can operate safely during the harsh New England winter and helps keep your energy costs down. We recommend a tune up annually to extend your furnace or boiler’s life. Call us today and schedule yours!

What should I do if I have no heat on a cold day or no air conditioning on a hot day?
Give us a call, we have 24 hour emergency assistance available.

Are service plans available?
Yes we do! This includes a complete annual cleaning, emergency calls for one year and coverage on many parts.
For more information give us a call or check out our maintenance plan tab.

I need a new system, what should I do?
Give us a call and a technician can give you a free estimate for an installation.

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